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Scaling up premium bread and bun production with AMF Bakery Systems

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Across the baked goods sector, there’s growing demand for premium, specialty, and health-focused bread and buns. Whether it’s fast-food chains such as McDonald’s or Subway offering sourdough- style and multigrain options, or supermarkets and high-street stores introducing traditional and regional-style ranges, non-traditional bread has never been more popular. And the good news is that certain consumers are willing to pay much more for products like this that offer added value. If you can cater to these growing markets, your customers will certainly thank you for it.

Growing demand for premium and healthy bread
But where does this increased demand come from? Trend analysts link the demand for ‘homemade-’ or ‘rustic-style’ to the COVID-related spike in home baking. Others say it’s because workers stuck at home wanted more variety in their choices of bread at breakfast and lunch, so they got a taste for more diverse toppings, glazes, and baking styles. Younger consumers are particularly keen to try non-traditional bread varieties with exciting ingredients. The pandemic also generated a new wave of health-conscious consumers, hence the increased demand for lower sugar and fat, multigrain, high-fiber, and fortified bread options. With engaged consumers willing to pay 80–100% more for added-value bread, it’s certainly worthwhile to investigate these growing markets. But the trouble with such specialized dough varieties is that they’re much more difficult to deliver at scale. That’s where AMF Bakery Systems’ total soft bread and bun solutions come in. AMF is the complete baking solutions provider and we’re proud to set the industry standard in bakery equipment. Our advanced systems take care of the whole process, from mixing the dough to packaging the finished products ready to go to market, with minimum fuss and maximum control. It’s what makes us ideally suited to help your bakery transition to the premium bread and bun products the market demands.

Scaling up specialty bread production
With our extensive range of professional, industrial, time-saving, and data-driven bakery systems, whether you want to work with whole grain, alternative flour, or enriched dough, we’ve got the equipment you need! Take our market-leading mixers, for instance: our proprietary DuraBowl™ mixer bowl is designed to eliminate cooling leakage, keeping your dough at the ideal temperature and consistency, while our Patented Dough Guardian technology gives you simplified control over all dough parameters and offers the insights you need for efficient problem solving and real-time process adjustments. If you’re looking to use a healthier, high-fiber dough, our mixers can easily be adjusted to
accommodate this: our AMFConnect™ technology gives you direct access to the most advanced integrated, real-time bakery system data and unit equipment information, so you can be sure you’re getting the best performance from your bakery’s production line – total control for that perfect result, every time. And with our high-speed bun and roll system able to produce up to 96,000 buns per hour, there’s no need to compromise between quantity and quality. One of the most important factors to consider for the large-scale production of specialist bread is, of course, process optimization. This couldn’t be easier with AMF’s total bread and bun solutions. If you need fermented dough for artisan-style baguettes, ciabatta, or focaccia, look no further than our automated fermentation rooms, which consistently provide the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for that specialty crumb consumers crave. Whatever the consistency of the dough, you can easily shape buns from flat sheets with our versatile and efficient molders, which deliver up to 72,000 pieces per hour. Our extrusion dividers can easily deal with the nonstandard dough structures of sourdough and wholewheat, and for specialty buns, our AMF Tromp lines are also well-adapted to making lavash, pitta, naan, swirl bread, and other types of premium sheeted-dough bread. Don’t forget, as well, that appearance is everything! Our machines can cost-efficiently deliver artisan-quality glazes, mouth-watering crusts, and tasty seed or nut toppings through strewing, glaze-spraying, water-splitting, and even imprinting. The possibilities are endless! And with our spiral coolers and freezers, you can achieve optimized delivery conditions with the minimum footprint on your factory floor.

AMF: A total bakery solutions provider
The demand for premium products is only set to grow larger, and with so many optimized solutions available from AMF Bakery Systems, now is the time to upgrade your production line if you don’t want to miss out! To produce these types of bread at scale – whether it’s for large stores, quick- service restaurants, or wholesalers – your factory will need to ensure process optimization while never compromising on quality. AMF is here to help, combining precision and scalability in all our solutions. This allows you to produce exactly what consumers and clients want, in the quantities they need. We offer the perfect way to diversify your product range with complete solutions that give you high quality, total control, and full peace of mind. For premium bread and bun products, make sure customers come to you, with the help of AMF Bakery Systems! 

If you’d like to find out more about AMF Bakery Systems’ solutions for premium and specialty bread
and buns, please contact AMF Bakery Systems – Russia – info@amfbakery.ru / +7 495 107 08 08

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